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Install a Spa for the Wife


Want to make your wife very happy, and at the same time get some quite time for yourself? Install a Spa Hot Tub! She’ll be in there for hours, giving some great alone time. Or use it for yourself to relax and make your aches feel better.

While you may want to relax in your hot tub, having a dual purpose and being able to exercise is also great! Integrity Spas’ Aruba Swim Spa is new and improved with a longer and wider swim zone. At over 19 feet long, now even the tallest person can swim in the Aruba without touching their hands or feet against the side or end of the spa. It Features two ice chests next to the jet intensive hydrotherapy seats, this spa will please the most discriminating customer. The Aruba features four powerful Turbo Swim Jets, powered by 6HP wet end pumps that produces 237 gallons per minute of current each! The Turbo Swim Jets can be adjusted to provide a gentle current, perfect for water jogging and resistance exercises, to a strong current that will challenge the most demanding swimmers. After exercising in the swim spa, slip into the hydrotherapy seats where perfectly placed jets rejuvenate sore and tired muscles with a fantastic hydrotherapy massage.